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ダウンロードして評価された後、ご質問などございましたら お問い合わせページにある連絡先までご連絡ください。また、yaSSL(C++)やJava SSLプロバイダーなど追加モジュールのダウンロードは その他のダウンロードをご参照ください。商用ライセンスバージョンがご必要の場合はinfo@wolfssl.jpまでご連絡ください。

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このフォームは、wolfSSLまたはwolfSSL JNIの最新のオープンソース版ソースコード(GPLv2)をダウンロードできます。もしGPLバージョン2では不都合な場合は、商用ライセンスもご用意しておりますのでお問い合わせください。

wolfCrypt 組み込み暗号化エンジンをお探しの場合は、wolfSSLパッケージに含まれています。


(SHA256: 4cc318c49580d3b9c361fe258fac6106624aa744f1d34e03977b587766a753ee)

The holiday release of the wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library contains many feature additions, bug fixes, and improvements. Some of these changes include improved API documentation, RSA-verify and RSA-public-key-operations only builds, and several new port additions.

Release Date: 12/26/2018


(SHA256: e1d2d1760cc158c92801ca652491adb593fdbe0b1d8e1bd9b2ee4b730b055a00)

wolfTPM is a portable TPM 2.0 project, designed for embedded use. It is highly portable, due to having been written in native C, having a single IO callback for SPI hardware interface, no external dependencies, and its compacted code with low resource usage. The most recent version contains updates such as fixes to cryptodev ECC callbacks, updated printf type warnings, some bug removals, and more!

Release Date: 11/13/2018


(SHA256: db795f40423bafefe6ff5905e2459a4195f6b72757d10764d55e5e4c596d1a5b)

Release 1.1.0 includes bug fixes and new features including added MQTT sensor-network client support, MQTT v5.0 support, property callback support, and more!

Release Date: 11/07/2018


(SHA256: ff2179bbcdc77e0b446c765e71294a208ab71949cd74fb46986e20644e3e7e5f)

wolfSSH 1.3.0 includes SCP and SFTP support, improvements, and small bug fixes.

Release Date: 08/15/2018


(SHA256: f9712bb1b1e80f9cff1282732cb425d9ba7536c60253abddc85ec9ea028e0b25)

wolfBoot is a secure bootloader that leverages wolfSSL's underlying wolfCrypt module to provide signature authentication for the running firmware.

Release Date: 12/04/2018


(SHA256: 452408f8a39b26ca566b9758b64ca33e41eebc9fb3f47ad1f70efcc166efc7ba)

wolfSSL JNI 1.4.0 includes bug fixes and new features including better conditional support for native wolfSSL feature dependencies, native feature detection functions, method for loading JNI library from a specific path, TLS 1.0 compiled out by default, wrapper for native ECC shared secret public key callback, other HmacSHA* hash types allowed in Atomic User callback examples, and more.

Release Date: 11/16/2018


(SHA256: f3ab7bf27b65689ca71da1d2460090d018ea3a01dc8b720ae27051f18b8b026c)

Initial release of the wolfCrypt JNI wrapper and wolfCrypt JCE Provider.

Release Date: 07/10/2017

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